World Vegetarian Day
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«релые женщины
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Activities you can do, alone or with a group!
Wear informative vegetarian message T-shirts throughout the month
Display World Vegetarian Day / Vegetarian Awareness Month posters at libraries, supermarkets, co-ops, health food stores, churches, art centers and other appropriate public areas
Invite friends and family home for a celebration meal
Ask libraries (public, college, high school, etc) to set-up a display of their vegetarian titles
Encourage restaurants, co-ops, and health food stores to support and publicize their vegetarian options, including in their promotional flyers
Host a screening of vegetarian and related documentaries or films for friends, and/or arrange to have them shown on public access TV
Place an ad in newspapers and other local publications
Host a potluck, picnic, or meal at a restaurant
Write a letter to the editor announcing these occasions and tell about how vegetarianism has benefited you
Solicit bookstores to set up a display of vegetarian cookbooks and to offer special discounts throughout the month
Give an educational presentation for any group you are affiliated with
Ask your city mayor or town supervisor to sign a World Vegetarian Day proclamation (Contact us for a sample)
Deliver a vegetarian lunch to local officials (with media coverage, if possible) or to local radio talk show hosts
Serve a meatless meal at area homeless shelters
Leaflet at fairs, malls, or at other public events

Take the fun to schools, colleges and universities!
Ask school officials (president, principal, superintendent) to sign a World
Vegetarian Day proclamation. (Contact us for a sample)
Place a notice in school newsletters and monthly calendars
Ask your library to set up a display of their vegetarian titles
Do food/cooking demonstrations or food samplings
Ask your cafeteria to observe these occasions, and if they aren’t already, to serve meatless meals or a meat-free option
Exhibit an educational display, posters or banner in high traffic public areas
Have classroom or study group discussions
Invite vegetarian spokespersons to address an assembly, workshops or other sessions
Host public screenings of vegetarian and related documentaries or films

Non-vegetarians can also join in the celebration!
Eat meat-free for the day or throughout the month
Learn how a vegetarian diet can benefit you personally
Try the meatless options available at local restaurants and eateries
Discuss vegetarianism with your interested friends, family and co-workers
Host a meatless meal or potluck for your friends
Eat meatless meals on a regular basis

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